Toyota's Feb. car sales in China plunge due to coronavirus outbreak

05, Mar. 2020

Photo by 海超 刘 on Unsplash
Photo by 海超 刘 on Unsplash

TOKYO, NNA - Toyota Motor Corp. is seeing a sharp drop in sales in China due to the coronavirus outbreak, the company said Wednesday.

Toyota's new vehicle sales in China, including Hong Kong and Macau, in February sustained a 70.2 percent fall from a year earlier to 23,800 units, according to its subsidiary, Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co.

In the January-February period of this year, Toyota sold 169,100 units, down 25.5 percent from the same period last year, data from its Chinese subsidiary show.

China became Toyota's second-largest market after the United States last year, with the Japanese auto giant selling a record 1,620,700 units, topping the number sold in Japan for the first time. (NNA/Kyodo)