Honda Indonesia launches latest scooter in stable 2020 market

17, Jan. 2020

Models introducing the All New Honda BeAT at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta on Jan. 16, 2020. (NNA)
Models introducing the All New Honda BeAT at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta on Jan. 16, 2020. (NNA)

JAKARTA, NNA – Honda Motor Co. is expecting motorcycle sales in Indonesia to continue its stable 2019 performance as it enters 2020 amid slowing global growth.

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), which manufactures and sells Honda motorcycles in the Southeast Asian country, rolled out two models of its latest automatic scooter Honda BeAT, on Thursday in the hope that it would help maintain the good sales of last year.

The local arm of Honda expects to sell 4.8 to 4.9 million units of motorbikes in 2020 to keep up with its 2019 performance. Last year, Honda sold 4.91 million units in Indonesia or 3 percent more than 2018, taking a lion's share of the market of 70 percent last year.

To keep pace with sales momentum, AHM launched the fifth generation of the automatic Honda BeAT scooter at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran in Central Jakarta, Thursday.

The two models released under the All New Honda BeAT series are the All New Honda BeAT and the All New Honda BeAT Street. Both boast an enhanced Smart Architecture Frame, that provides optimal manoeuvrability and comfort for daily use.

Powered by the latest 110 cc engine, the latest Honda BeAT is more high-performance and fuel-efficient, Toshiyuki Inuma, president director of AHM, said at the press conference.

The new scooters have features such as a secure key shutter, a combi brake system and a power charger on the inner rack on the right side. The All New Honda BeAT Series offer nine trendy colors to appeal to young consumers in Indonesia.

Prices start from 16.45 million rupiah ($1,200) for All New Honda BeAT and 17.15 million rupiah for the All New Honda BeAT Street.

Total sales of Honda BeAT in 2019 reached 1.8 million units. Taking into account stabilising market conditions, Thomas Wijaya, marketing director of AHM, estimates sales for 2020 to be between 1.6 million and 1.8 million units. The target for Honda BeAT sales is 150,000 units a month.

Wijaya noted that the motorcycle market in Indonesia has continued to enjoy growing sales each year, due largely to the robust automatic scooter market. Such affordably priced scooters have become increasingly popular over the years, contributing as high as 87 percent to the motorcycle market now.

For now, AHM will still remain focused on the domestic market. President Director Inuma said Indonesia has a huge number of Honda BeAT users. Since the launch of the Honda BeAT in 2008, the scooter has enjoyed wide popularity with Indonesian motorists with more than 17 million units sold in the country.

Inuma said Honda would consider exporting the scooter depending on sales in Indonesia. AHM has successfully exported other models of Honda motorcycles, with Complete Build-Up (CBU) exports increasing to approximately 301,000 units in 2019.

All New Honda BeAT series are produced at the two Honda plants - in Karawang and Cikarang of West Java.