Hitachi completes elevator test tower at world’s highest level in Guangzhou, China

17, Jan. 2020

H1 Tower (Photo courtesy of Hitachi)
H1 Tower (Photo courtesy of Hitachi)

TOKYO, NNA – Hitachi Ltd. said Thursday it has completed the world’s highest-level elevator test tower in Guangzhou, China, which accounts for over half of global elevator demand.

H1 Tower, which stands 273.8 meters high above ground and is 15 meters deep underground, was constructed as part of a research and development base of Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., a manufacturing, sales and service unit for elevators and escalators, it said in a statement.

The tower has 15 lanes for elevators to test the use of high-speed, high-capacity and double-decker models and operational systems, the statement said.

It is Hitachi’s second test tower, after G1 Tower which opened in Japan in 2010 as then the world’s tallest such building at 213.5 meters above ground. Hitachi developed the world’s fastest elevator at this tower and delivered it to Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, a skyscraper complex building in the southern Chinese city in Guangdong Province, it said.

The Tokyo-based electronics and infrastructure giant estimated global elevator demand in the year from April 2018 to March 2019, excluding some low-end models, at 929,000 units, with 531,000 units, or about 57 percent, coming from China, spokesman Takeshi Kawakami told NNA on Thursday.

Hitachi Elevator (China) received orders of more than 100,000 elevators in China, topping the threshold for the first time, he said.

In building system segments including elevators and escalators, the Japanese firm posted 621.6 billion yen ($5.6 billion) in sales in the year to March 2019, and 52.3 percent of the revenue was from China, Kawakami said.