NNA Asia top stories Tuesday, Feb. 5

05, Feb. 2019

TOKYO, NNA – The following are the top stories from NNA Asia for Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Japan's SBI, Singapore's AntWorks form joint venture to expand AI-assisted clerical work software sales

Cambodia eliminating duplicated export/import customs inspections to improve firms' logistics efficiency

Myanmar central bank improving foreign exchange regime from previous-day two-way auction to same-day market-based weighted average

Myanmar central bank also releasing reference FX rates at 4 pm local time (0930 GMT) to reflect same-day market, instead of showing previous trading day's move in morning

Indonesia's capital region raises industrial sector minimum wages by 7.4% to 14.2%, mostly by 8%

Online travel agency Ctrip forecasts 7 million Chinese will travel overseas during Lunar New Year holidays, up 7.7% on last year's estimate