Sumitomo, Tokyo Gas team with Petronas on carbon-neutral methane project

26, Nov. 2021

image by seagul on Pixabay
image by seagul on Pixabay

KUALA LUMPUR, NNA - Japanese trader Sumitomo Corp. and Tokyo Gas Co. have agreed with Malaysia's national oil company Petronas to conduct a feasibility study on a project to produce carbon-neutral methane in the Southeast Asian country for use in Japan.

The project calls for carbon-neutral methane to be produced in Malaysia by methanation, a process of synthesizing "green hydrogen" made from renewable energy with carbon dioxide, and for methane to be used as a major component of city gas in Japan, according to the trio's announcement Thursday.

Although CO2 is emitted when methane is combusted, it is offset by CO2 consumed in the process of manufacturing the gas.

The project partners hope to help realize a decarbonized society through the introduction of carbon-neutral methane, combining Petronas' resources and capabilities as a major natural gas supplier, Sumitomo's knowledge of business development in next-generation energy, and Tokyo Gas' technology and plant engineering know-how.

Carbon-neutral methane is billed as economically feasible as it can hold down production costs through the use of existing equipment and infrastructure such as liquefaction plants, liquefied natural gas carriers and city gas-supplying networks. (NNA/Kyodo)