Hokuetsu to build reverse osmosis membrane backing plant in Thailand

28, May. 2021

Image by Martin Str from Pixabay
Image by Martin Str from Pixabay

BANGKOK, NNA - Major Japanese paper manufacturer Hokuetsu Corp. has announced a plan to build a plant in Thailand to produce reverse osmosis membrane backings for use in water treatment.

Hokuetsu plans to invest about 6 billion yen ($55 million) for the plant, which is expected to begin production in December 2023 with an annual output capacity of 5,000 tons.

It will be run by a new subsidiary to be set up in Thailand. The locations for the new unit and plant have yet to be fixed.

Hokuetsu said demand is growing for reverse osmosis membranes used in a wide range of fields such as industrial water treatment and ocean water desalinization as well as in filters for consumer use.

Paper manufacturers have advanced production expertise on membrane support substrates. Hokuetsu will take advantage of the technology the company has developed at its mill in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture, at the new Thai plant.

The Nagaoka mill will likely manufacture products for domestic customers after the launch of the Thai location, which will become the company's hub for shipment to overseas markets.

The plants' combined output capacity would be among the world's largest for reverse osmosis membrane backings, a Hokuetsu official said. (NNA/Kyodo)