Job placement firm Asia to Japan opens 1st S.E. Asia unit in Singapore

14, Jan. 2021

Photo by Peter Nguyen on Unsplash
Photo by Peter Nguyen on Unsplash

SINGAPORE, NNA - Human resources firm Asia to Japan has established its first Southeast Asian subsidiary in Singapore to promote employment of Singaporeans and other non-Japanese at Japanese companies operating in the city-state.

The Tokyo-based firm said Wednesday it created its fully owned subsidiary, Asia to Japan (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., last month to enable talented Japanese-speaking Singaporeans and other non-Japanese to be hired by Japanese companies.

Asia to Japan CEO Masato Sampei told NNA on Wednesday his firm entered the Singapore market because tougher employment regulations are making it difficult for young Japanese to work in the country.

The Singapore unit is Asia to Japan's second overseas arm after AtoJ Labs India Pvt. Ltd., which was set up in July last year. (NNA/Kyodo)