Measuring equipment maker Horiba taps demand for eco-vehicles, parts in China

29, Nov. 2019


TOKYO, NNA – Major Japanese measuring equipment maker Horiba Ltd. will build a plant and a testing laboratory in Shanghai to capture growing testing and scientific analysis demand for eco-vehicles and their parts in China.

The construction of the facilities, which costs a total of 9 billion yen ($82 million), will begin next month for scheduled factory operation in June 2021. The laboratory is its first overseas, a spokesman of the Kyoto-based maker told NNA.

Horiba Instruments (Shanghai) Co., its wholly owned unit, will establish a measuring and testing laboratory for automobiles, a scientific analysis application center and another facility in the Jiading District of the city, it said in a statement on Wednesday.

Transferring an existing plant and facilities, the Shanghai unit will house the laboratory, development and production buildings and an office space, tripling the total floor area of the facilities to about 32,500 square meters, the spokesman said.

China positions the district as the country’s major industry cluster for new energy cars such as electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Horiba intends to swiftly assess the need for development of eco-friendly cars from auto and component makers, the statement said.

The Japanese analytical and measuring device manufacturer also aims to cater to demand for air and water quality monitoring in such sectors as semiconductor and its manufacturing equipment, it said.