Consumer research firm Intage partners with Singaporean image analyzer to help retailers, producers

21, Jul. 2020

Photo by Jack Sparrow from Pexels
Photo by Jack Sparrow from Pexels

SINGAPORE, NNA – Japanese consumer research firm Intage Inc. has joined Singaporean image analyzer Trax Technology Solutions Pte. Ltd. for a business deal to help vendors and retailers digitize in ways that boost sales.

The partners will integrate information in their files to help customers shop more efficiently and ultimately stimulate sales, the Tokyo-based market research company said Friday. Intage has data on transactions in Japan, while Trax collects information on how goods are displayed on store shelves.

Their service is aimed at helping consumer goods manufacturers and stores ensure the accuracy of customers’ evaluations of how goods are displayed on shelves and offer insight on how displays work. Both have been challenges in the past.

“Stores are venues where consumers decide what to buy,” Intage President Ayumi Higaki said in the statement. “Consumers are said to recognize new products more at retail stores than through TV commercials. Therefore, stores are becoming increasingly important in marketing consumer goods.”

Intage has offices in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia as it expands in Southeast Asia in response to Japanese companies’ activities overseas.

Trax, founded in 2010, analyzes images from inside stores in real time using a machine learning system. It packages data in ways to help producers and retailers manage inventory. Trax is valued at $1.3 billion.

The two companies have not formed a capital alliance in which one partner holds a stake in the other.