Sony to open applied AI research center in India in 2020

19, Nov. 2019

NEW DELHI, NNA - Sony Corp. will open its first research center in India in 2020 to study the application of artificial intelligence technology to businesses.

The Tokyo-based firm will establish the center in Bengaluru, known as India's Silicon Valley, in the southern state of Karnataka, according to a company statement released Thursday.

The center will develop AI technologies adaptable in the entertainment field, in which the firm provides films and videos in the country, a spokesman for Sony told NNA last week.

“Having Bengaluru as a foothold, we want to reinforce our research and development capability and competitiveness,” he said.

Sony's software development subsidiary, Sony India Software Centre Pvt. Ltd., is also located in the city. The new center will hire around 10 people in the first fiscal year.

Sony plans to open similar centers at multiple sites in India later, while collaborating with local universities and individual researchers in motivating and fostering research talent, according to the statement.

Sony's move comes after more than 20 years developing software in the country. (NNA/Kyodo)