KT releases new platform for partner companies to enable easy access to AI services

12, Nov. 2019

SEOUL, AJU – In an effort to broaden its presence in South Korea's rapidly growing artificial intelligence-based service market, KT has released a new platform that would allow partner service companies to save costs and time in developing new services.

Currently, AI voice assistant services are provided through hardware such as voice assistant speakers and smartphones. The AI hardware is always connected to service servers to send and receive data.

KT, a top telecom company in South Korea, said in a statement on Monday that the company released “GiGA Genie INSIDE”, a software version of its cloud-based AI platform GiGA Genie. “We are now able to meet GiGA Genie everywhere,” KT's service research center head Baek Gyu-tae was quoted as saying.

By connecting to GiGA Genie's cloud platform, partner companies can provide various services without developing separate AI platforms which require a lot of time and money. KT said its software development kit for GiGA Genie INSIDE can be operated on various operating systems.

KT, which has about two million GiGA Genie voice assistant speaker subscribers across South Korea, aims to increase the number of devices installed with GiGA Genie to 100 million by 2025.