SK Telecom and Samsung join hands to develop 5G technologies

21, Nov. 2018

SEOUL, AJU - South Korea’s top mobile carrier SK Telecom teamed up with Samsung Electronics to develop technologies which are needed to provide stable 5G-based services such as the transmission of ultra-high-definition video files, augmented reality and autonomous driving.

The two companies agreed to develop "Mobility Enhancement", a technology to improve the quality of customer experience, and a solution to expand coverage in the 28GHz (gigahertz) bandwidth. Samsung has been selected as a 5G equipment provider.

In the 28GHz bandwidth, the transmission of large-capacity data is possible, but the service area of a base station is limited because of a short reach distance The 3.5GHz bandwidth is advantageous for the construction of a nationwide network because of wide coverage. If both frequencies are used together, a large amount of data can be transmitted over a large area.

Technology and telecom companies are in the race to commercialize 5G networks, which are vital for the telecom renaissance to be brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. South Korean firms are trying hard to commercialize a 5G mobile network ahead of other countries.

Based on standalone standards, SK Telecom has developed core technology for a 5G device to process data transmission between base stations and internet networks. The advantage of standalone is simplification and improved efficiency, but the first wave of 5G networks and devices will be non-standalone using 4G infrastructure.

In October, SK Telecom successfully carried out the so-called "First call" with Samsung’s non-standalone 5G equipment to check if data is being normally transmitted or received.