Japan’s teamLab digital arts gallery to make its overseas debut in Shanghai

29, Oct. 2019

(Image courtesy of teamLab Inc.)
(Image courtesy of teamLab Inc.)

TOKYO, NNA - TeamLab Inc., an internationally known Japanese group of digital artists, will open gallery space in Shanghai next month to show immersive art and modern technology.

The exhibition space, called teamLab Borderless Shanghai, will open on Nov. 5 on the bank of the Huangpu River to showcase about 50 works of art including some never shown before publicly. It will be the Tokyo-based company’s first permanent gallery abroad.

Images on display continuously change in response to each visitor’s movements and digital works of art next to each other cross boundaries at times to make visitors feel surrounded by virtual scenery.

“Culturally, Shanghai is one of the most powerful cities in the world,” teamLab founder Toshiyuki Inoko was quoted by Kyodo News saying. “We will let teamLab Borderless Shanghai evolve day after day so that it will be called a historical epoch for mankind in retrospect.”

Wang Dong, CEO of gallery operator Shanghai BES Chengtay Culture Technology, said teamLab is “highly imaginative and creative,” and that the CEO hopes to continue working with the art collective, Kyodo News reported.

The teamLab company opened its first permanent gallery, teamLab Borderless, on the landfill island of Odaiba in Tokyo in June 2018. This exhibition attracted some 2.3 million visitors in a year to become the world’s most visited museum featuring a single artist or a single group of artists, it said in a statement released Monday.

That attendance exceeded the 2018 visitor headcount at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam of 2.16 million, according to teamLab citing a report by Art Newspaper, an online and print publication based in New York City and London.