Indonesia plans to impose temporary duties on imported textile products

19, Oct. 2019

JAKARTA, VNA - The Indonesian government is mulling a plan to impose temporary additional duties on imports of textiles and textile products (TPT) as a safeguard measure to protect the domestic upstream industry from a recent surge in imports.

The Finance Ministry’s fiscal policy head Suahasil Nazara said the government had identified 121 products, including yarn and curtain fabric, that would be subject to the safeguard measure.

Lately, Indonesia has seen a jump in imports of TPT. In line with the existing rules, the Finance Ministry is considering the impose of a safeguard measure, he said, adding that safeguard measures were expected to be discussed on October 17 to determine the rates, among other things, following a quick assessment by the Trade Ministry.

The move was taken only more than one month after the government imposed antidumping duties for polyester staple fiber imports from India, China and Taiwan as well as Chinese imports of spin drawn yarn following an investigation by the Indonesian Antidumping Committee (KADI).

The Indonesian Trade Safeguard Committee (KPPI) recently launched an investigation into the upturn in fabric imports after a complaint was filed by the Indonesian Textile Association (API).

From the preliminary evidence put forward in the complainant, KPPI found a sharp increase in fabric imports. Moreover, there was a preliminary indication of serious damage or potentially serious damage to the domestic industry. - VNA