Indonesian builds strategic measures to accelerate Fourth Industrial Revolution

11, Oct. 2019

JAKARTA, VNA – The Indonesian Industry Ministry is drawing up strategic steps to speed up transformation toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the manufacturing sector, Antara News reported.

According to head of Industrial Research and Development (BPPI) at the Industry Ministry Ngakan Timur, the steps entail driving productivity, increasing competitive edge of export products, and strengthening manufacturing structures.

He said the Indonesian government should create a favourable investment climate, develop resources, drive potential economic sectors, and keep macroeconomic conditions stable. Besides, ministries and sectors should enhance cooperation with competent stakeholders.

Food and beverage, textile and garment, chemical, automotive, and electronic industries are among the priority sectors in the first phase of the transformation in accordance with the roadmap for “Making Indonesia 4.0”.

The Industry Ministry has assessed the level of preparedness on the part of several industrial sectors to drive transformation in pursuit of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“We call the indicator to assess Indonesia’s level of industry readiness in implementing Industry 4.0 as Industry 4.0 Readiness Index (INDI 4.0). The objective is to see the level of preparedness of industries that we can assess. In addition, we have built the ecosystem of Industry 4.0 and developed the concept of green industry,” he was quoted by Antara as saying.

The Industry Ministry has, until now, conducted an assessment of 326 manufacturing companies, and the results indicate that several of them were ready for transformation towards the Fourth Industry Revolution, he explained.

In addition, the ministry is building the ecosystem of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Ecosystem Indonesia 4.0), which is expected to serve as a means to build synergy and collaboration among parties to speed up this process, he added. – VNA