Singapore fish farming startup opens e-commerce site to serve people at home

01, May. 2020

Grouper (Photo courtesy of Aquaculture Centre of Excellence)
Grouper (Photo courtesy of Aquaculture Centre of Excellence)

SINGAPORE, NNA – Fish farming startup Aquaculture Centre of Excellence Pte. Ltd. has opened an e-commerce site to cater to people who want to buy fresh fish amid stay-home regulations due to the city-state’s circuit-breaker measures to contain the Covid-19 outbreak.

Online shop ACE-Fish Market recently launched by the three-year-old firm offers fillets of fish from their produce line of grouper, sea bass or barramundi directly to consumers, it said Tuesday.

A grouper fillet is priced from SG$10.8 ($7.6) and sea bass from SG$17.9, according to the company.

The EcoArk, a fish farm that floats just a few kilometers off the coast of Southeast Asia’s financial center, harvests chemical- and vaccine-free fish, the company said in a statement.

By offering a business-to-consumer platform, ACE is “definitely reaching consumers more directly, delivering the farm-to-table freshness to homes across Singapore,” it said.

The startup expects the total harvest for 2020 to come to 166 tons, achieving around 20 times more than the average minimum production level of coastal farms.

The 1,344 square meter floating facility, powered by solar panels, raises fish in ozonated water with proprietary filter technology without the need for chemicals.