Staffing agency Outsourcing of Japan to train caregivers in Indonesia

11, Jul. 2019


JAKARTA, NNA - Japanese staffing firm Outsourcing Inc. has opened a caregiver training center in Indonesia to help address a chronic labor shortage in the healthcare sector at home.

Trainees can obtain a certificate to work as a caregiver in Japan through programs at Kaigo License Center in Jakarta, Satoshi Miyajima, head of PT. OS Selnajaya Indonesia, a local unit of the Japanese firm, told an event to mark the center's opening Tuesday.

Kaigo License Center is the first entity accredited by the Indonesian government to carry out caregiver training.

In addition to Japanese language proficiency, the Japanese government requires technical intern caregivers to have work experience in a nursing facility, a nurse school graduation certificate or nurse license, or caregiver accreditation from a foreign government, according to the government-backed Japan International Training Cooperation Organization, which supports training schemes for technical interns.

Despite a lack of work experience in the field, a trainee can get the certificate after completing 100 hours of lectures and passing written and practical skill tests at the new center, Miyajima said

As Indonesia lacks organizations that grant caregiver accreditations, the center will also contribute to nurturing caregivers in Indonesia, he said.

“We would like to send about 70,000 workers to Japan as caregivers and in other professions over the next five years,” said Bambang Satrio Lelono, director general for training and productivity at Indonesia's Ministry of Manpower. (NNA/Kyodo)