Hitachi promotes IoT technology for Malaysia 4.0

KUALA LUMPUR, NNA - Japan's Hitachi Ltd. is promoting Internet of Things technology in Malaysia to prepare for the dawn of an Industry 4.0 era in the Southeast Asian region.

Hitachi and its Malaysian arm, Hitachi Asia (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., hosted a social innovation forum in Kuala Lumpur recently to showcase its IoT technologies and help local firms better understand the importance of improving productivity.

The Japanese conglomerate said it is willing to cater to demand for smart manufacturing in Malaysia, including reducing labor costs and enhancing efficient production, as the Southeast Asian country moves to transform its manufacturing sector through industrial digitization.

Chew Huat Seng, managing director of Hitachi's Malaysian unit, said during a media interview, "We are targeting two areas of business -- the factory area and big commercial building (area) -- as these two areas consume a lot of power."

Chew said Hitachi has identified the Southeast Asian region as a fast-growing area in the IoT sphere and can contribute to Malaysia's campaign to promote smart manufacturing.

Hitachi says the IoT market in Southeast Asia will grow to reach $7.53 billion in 2020, referring to estimates by the U.S. market research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. (NNA/Kyodo)