Indian IT industry lobby group looks to tap Japanese market

NEW DELHI, NNA - India's leading information technology industry lobby group has commissioned a wide-ranging survey of Japanese firms to improve its knowledge of their service requirements and increase engagement with Japan's IT sector.

C.P. Gurnani, chairman of the National Association of Software and Services Companies, said Indian IT firms "have a special focus" on Japan.

"NASSCOM is continuously sending its delegations to Japan to discuss key issues to increase cooperation in the sector," he said.

"The conversations are very encouraging, and we expect positive outcomes."

According to a top NASSCOM official in charge of global trade development, the Nomura Research Institute has been commissioned to conduct a survey of Japanese companies for their IoT (Internet of things) strategy to understand their needs in the sector.

"The findings of the survey are likely to come out in January next year, and we will collate the responses and try to unravel opportunities to partner together on this theme," said the official, requesting anonymity.

"Japan and India are natural partners on this theme and our endeavor is to create platforms for partnership," he said, adding the survey will seek responses from roughly 2,500 Japanese companies across the manufacturing, automotive, retail and healthcare industries.

According to NRI's survey questionnaire form seen by NNA, the survey is aimed at "researching on Japanese firms in the manufacturing industry, particularly, regarding their needs in manufacturing capability enhancement."

The questionnaire targets all companies in the IT sector, both system integration service firms and hardware manufacturers, to understand their overall business, capability and offerings for enhancing manufacturing competence of Japanese companies through digital technology interventions, and also to enquire about exposure to Indian IT services in the domain of smart manufacturing and factory IoT.

In October this year, 10 Indian startups took part in Japan's largest IT forum, the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technology, which was facilitated by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

In an effort to reduce its dependence on the U.S. and European markets which account for nearly 80 percent of its total exports, the Indian IT industry is looking at opportunities in the Japanese IT market, which constitutes just about 2 percent of the country's IT services exports, according to experts.

As per NASSCOM, the Indian IT business process management sector's total revenue is projected to reach $200-225 billion by 2020 and between $350-400 billion by 2025 from the $132 billion in fiscal 2014 that ended in March 2015. (NNA/Kyodo)