Honda brings Brio hatchback to Vietnam

20, Jun. 2019

HANOI, NNA - Honda Vietnam Co. has started selling its Brio subcompact car in Vietnam to bolster its presence in a potentially high-growth market.

Keisuke Tsuruzono, president of Honda Vietnam said at the product launch on Tuesday that the company had already received orders for about 500 units. He did not reveal sales targets for the model.

The company is importing the Brio from Indonesia. Asked about possible local production in the future, Tsuruzono said: “I understand the government’s policy and would consider the feasibility by monitoring market conditions and sales.”

The Brio will be offered in three grades, at prices ranging from 418 million dong ($18,000) to 452 million dong, more expensive than similar models sold by competitors.

The Brio is the main vehicle for Honda in Indonesia, with sales of more than 280,000 units since its launch in 2012. Honda was initially importing the cars from its factory in Thailand.

Honda has resumed exporting complete vehicles from Indonesia for the first time since 2014, aiming to make the country a production hub in Southeast Asia along with Thailand. It began shipping the latest model Brio to the Philippines this quarter.

The company previously exported complete vehicles from Indonesia, such as the Honda Stream from 2003 to 2006 and the Honda Freed from 2009 to 2014.