Many Japanese firms in Thailand sustain sales drop due to virus scare

26, Mar. 2020

Photo by Kelvin Yup on Unsplash
Photo by Kelvin Yup on Unsplash

BANGKOK, NNA - Eighty percent of Japanese firms operating in Thailand are suffering from falling sales and other adverse effects of the coronavirus, according to a survey.

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok and the Japan External Trade Organization's Bangkok office jointly conducted the survey from March 9 to 13 on 1,764 member firms, of which 552 responded.

Of the respondents, 175 firms said they fear sales drops of more than 5 percent and 265 others said they are suffering from negative effects to some extent, the survey found.

According to the poll, 44 member firms said they are not experiencing adverse impacts from the virus scare while 14 firms replied they are having favorable effects.

In response to a multiple-answer question, 346 of the total respondents cited drops in sales due to a consumption slowdown in Thailand and 290 deplored lost business opportunities due to the virus. (NNA/Kyodo)