Nippon Express establishes China-Europe rail cargo service

12, Jun. 2019

TOKYO, NNA - Nippon Express Co., Japan's largest logistics firm, has launched a service that will allow customers to move cargo from China to Europe via rail, providing an alternative to air and marine transport offerings.

The company began the thrice-weekly shipments named “Eurasia Train Direct” last week from Xian, the capital of the central province of Shaanxi, to Germany via Poland, carrying mainly electronics parts, home appliances and auto parts, a company spokesman told NNA on Monday.

Nippon Express has booked cargo space on trains operated by state-owned China Railway which run on part of the trans-Eurasian railroad.

The company collects cargo across China for shipment to Hamburg and Duisburg in Germany via Malaszewicze in Poland.

The Japanese firm also launched once-weekly consolidated service from Shanghai to Dusseldorf in Germany to move cargo over a period of 24 to 26 days compared to 40 days by ship. In this service, smaller cargo shipments are collected and brought to a central hub before being moved in bulk on trains.

Moving goods by rail costs twice as much as marine transport but about a 10th of air freight, the spokesman said.

The Tokyo-based company is considering providing a regular logistics service from Europe to China while planning to increase the frequency of the consolidated service to twice a week by yearend, the company said. (NNA/Kyodo)