Official results: Indonesian President Joko Widodo re-elected with 55.5% vote in April 17 poll

21, May. 2019

JAKARTA, NNA – Indonesian President Joko Widodo, a moderate technocrat, has been re-elected in the April 17 poll, according to a full vote count released by the country’s election commission on Tuesday, indicating that his accommodative economic policy and infrastructure building will continue.

As expected, the incumbent scored a comfortable win, capturing 55.5 percent of the vote, well ahead of 44.5 percent for his contender Prabowo Subianto, a former army general whose alliance with hardline Islamists raised concerns.

Joko’s win suggests infrastructure development and social programs will continue, but analysts predict only small steps toward easing control on foreign capital and sweeping out deep-rooted corruption.

They told NNA last month, just after the election, that they expected the government would maintain its accommodative macro-economic policy to support modest annual growth of around 5 percent amid a slump in commodities prices and short-term drag from the U.S.-China trade spat.

Joko, 57, came to power five years ago with his reform agenda and emphasized industrializing the economy with infrastructure development, and narrowing the inequality gap with social programs.