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Satake ties up with Vietnamese firm to develop grain dryers

25, Apr. 2019

TOKYO, NNA - Japanese grain and food processing machinery maker Satake Corp. is teaming up with a Vietnamese firm to develop grain dryers for small and medium-sized rice millers in the Southeast Asian country.

Satake said Tuesday it is partnering with Long An Machinery Industry Joint Stock Co., a grain processing equipment maker, to make affordable grain dryers, sales of which are expected to start as early as the beginning of 2020.

Satake has so far supplied paddy dryers from its factories in China and other countries mainly to large rice millers in Vietnam because the circulation-type machines evenly dry chaff in roughly 20 hours, compared with the some 70 hours it takes local rice mills using conventional drying processes.

The imported paddy dryers, with a processing capacity of 30 tons each, are priced $40,000 and above in Vietnam, Satake spokesman Ikuo Nishina said.

Satake, through the joint development project with the Vietnamese firm popularly known as LAMICO, plans to cut the prices of its imported paddy dryers, which are usually sold as a standard unit of five dryers, a paddy combustor and a controller.

Satake said it will develop drying-process controlling software while LAMICO will be responsible for hardware such as screw conveyers.

The Hiroshima Prefecture-based firm set up its local arm, Satake Vietnam Co., in April 2018 to expand rice finery machine sales to small and medium-sized rice millers and explore steps to trim production costs including local production.

Vietnam is one of the world's major rice exporters, along with Thailand and India.

Satake expects small and medium-sized rice millers in Vietnam to export quality rice to foreign markets, the spokesman said. (NNA/Kyodo)