Japanese online programming school startup taps Indonesian market

18, Feb. 2020


JAKARTA, NNA - Japanese online programming school startup Progate Inc. has established a subsidiary in Indonesia to boost the number of skilled digital technology engineers in the country.

Progate on Friday established PT Progate Global Indonesia in Jakarta with capital of some 6.4 billion rupiah ($470,000), holding 99.9 percent of it while its head, Masanori Kato, held the remainder, according to a Progate statement released on Monday.

The Tokyo-based firm will offer an Indonesian-language version of its learning program, currently offered in Japanese and English, allowing users, starting from beginners, to make programs online and earn skills through trial and error by spring 2020.

Progate said its relatively inexpensive self-study service will expand opportunities for Indonesian learners as such opportunities there are primarily limited to self-study in English or learning in schools with expensive tuition.

Training of information technology engineers in Indonesia is in urgent need as the country is projected to suffer a shortage of nine million such engineers from 2015 to 2030, while the government is pushing ahead with a plan to become Southeast Asia's digital hub, the statement said.

Progate has subsidiaries in the United States and India as well. (NNA/Kyodo)