83.1% of Japan firms in China resume operations this week: NNA survey

14, Feb. 2020


TOKYO, NNA – Over 80 percent of Japanese companies operating in China are resuming operations this week after the prolonged Chinese New Year holidays due to the spreading coronavirus outbreak, an NNA survey found.

Of 356 firms polled across mainland China, 83.1 percent, or 296 firms, had reopened offices and factories by Thursday, with 71.9 percent doing so on Monday.

Among those who restarted business activities on Monday, fewer manufacturers got back to work than non-manufacturers, with the former at 58.5 percent and the latter at 84.4 percent, according to the survey.

A total of 65.8 percent operating now, or 189 companies, have all of their staff members or some of them working at home, while 12.5 percent are letting employees work under normal circumstances.

With multiple answers allowed, many firms in operation are facing some difficulties in doing business as usual, with 138 saying clients have yet to open offices and 132 saying their suppliers have not resumed operations, the survey showed.

Among those who had not restarted normal business activities yet, 48 companies are awaiting instructions and approval for resumption from local authorities, which are attempting to take preventive measures against the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.