Rakuten allies with Taiwan PChome for cross-border e-commerce

16, Mar. 2019

TAIPEI, NNA - Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten Inc. has partnered with Taiwan's largest online retailer PChome Online Inc. to boost cross-border shopping.

Agreeing on a broad-based strategic alliance, PChome will sell Japanese retail products on Rakuten's platform to Taiwanese consumers, the partners said at a press conference in Taipei on Thursday.

The two firms will discuss the details of Japanese products for sale such as timing and the number of items, a Rakuten spokesman told NNA.

They will also collaborate in operating point reward programs to mutually exchange digital money for use in both online marketplaces.

Over the past 10 years, Rakuten has expanded its service in Taiwan from online retailing to an ecosystem of six different services such as credit cards, travel booking and electronic book distribution.

The Taiwanese partner will promote Rakuten's credit card service and sell its e-books as part of an around-the-clock purchased goods delivery service.

The alliance could bring more convenience and online and offline services to their members, Chairman Jan Hung-Tze said in a statement. "We will also be able to eliminate the hurdles of payments, logistics and information flow and build boundary-free services."

"Taiwan is an important market for us, and we would like to offer an enjoyable shopping experience to Taiwan users," Hiroshi Takasawa, head of Rakuten Asia Regional Head Office, told the news conference. (NNA/Kyodo)