Japanese restaurant operator Food Buddies opens Taiwan-style dim sum eatery in Thailand

31, Jan. 2020

Din’s opens in Bangkok on Jan. 28 (Photo courtesy of Food Buddies).
Din’s opens in Bangkok on Jan. 28 (Photo courtesy of Food Buddies).

BANGKOK, NNA Japanese restaurant-chain operator Food Buddies Co. has opened a Taiwan-style dim sum restaurant in Thailand, its first overseas eatery, together with its Thai partner.

Din’s was launched in partnership with Zen Corporation Group PLC at Samyan Mitrtown shopping mall in Bangkok on Tuesday to offer its specialty fried soup dumpling with crispy dumpling wrappers and other Taiwanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine.

Food Buddies entered into a 10-year franchise contract with Zen last year for Din’s operation, a spokeswoman at the Japanese restaurant-chain operator told NNA Thursday. The two partners will decide whether to renew the contract, depending on a business environment, to seek the potential for expanding to other Southeast Asian countries, she added.

Boonyong Tansakul, Zen’s CEO, told Bangkok Post on Wednesday that the company aims to open about eight to 10 new Din's restaurants through its own investment this year. About 20 restaurants will be opened from 2021 to 2022 via the franchise model, he added in the newspaper.

Zen, under Central Group, a retail-to-property conglomerate, operates 14 brands of restaurants including Zen for Japanese food, Aka for beef barbecue and Tummour for Thai cuisine.

Zen also has expanded into Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos from Thailand for the operation of a total of 345 restaurants as of the end of 2019, according to the Bangkok Post report.

Food Buddies operates 10 Din’s restaurants, including franchised ones in Japan, as of this Thursday.