Japan’s Softpren Industry to increase butyl rubber production in Indonesia

27, Jan. 2020

New plant of PT Softpren Industries Indonesia (Photo courtesy of Softpren Industries Indonesia)
New plant of PT Softpren Industries Indonesia (Photo courtesy of Softpren Industries Indonesia)

JAKARTA, NNA - Softpren Industry Corp. will increase its production capacity in Indonesia of butyl rubber used for industrial products by 50 percent in March after the Japanese industrial material maker launched a new plant last year.

Softpren Industry’s local subsidiary PT Softpren Industries Indonesia will add a new line in March at the plant built in the Lippo Cikarang Industrial Park of West Java Province in November, making it capable of producing 150 tons of butyl rubber a month, up from the current capacity of 100 tons of the material.

Softpren Industry expects the planned capacity expansion to increase supply of butyl rubber to the Indonesian market to meet strong demand from home appliance makers. Currently, the company exports 90 percent of its Indonesian-made materials to Japan and supplies the remaining 10 percent to the local market.

Satoshi Maejima, Softpren Industries Indonesia’s president director, said in an interview with NNA on Jan. 16 that he aims to double revenue in the butyl rubber business over the next five years by shoring up supply of the product to the local market, as that of Japan has been saturated.

Butyl rubber, which is superior in antivibration, insulation and water resistance qualities, is used in a wide range of industries such as automobile, home appliance, and construction and civil engineering. With a specific gravity of 1.5 to 2.6, Softpren Industry’s product, which is heavier and more viscoelastic than others, can fit into interspaces with high noise-barrier performance.

The new Indonesian plant also fabricates foam resin products, such as urethane and polyethylene foam and sponge rubber, for supply to makers of auto parts, home appliances and musical instruments.

The sales ratio of such products and butyl rubber is currently about the same. Softpren Industry will strengthen its butyl rubber business.

Softpren Industries Indonesia, launched in December 2014 as Softpren Industry’s wholly-owned subsidiary, started butyl rubber production in December 2016 and fabrication of foam resin in October 2015.