Japan's Central Nippon Expressway to join service area operation in Taiwan

08, Jan. 2020

Photo by Roman Logov on Unsplash
Photo by Roman Logov on Unsplash

TAIPEI, NNA - Japanese toll road builder and operator Central Nippon Expressway Co. will join operation of a service area on a freeway in Taiwan, the first such business activity abroad for Japanese expressway operators.

Central Nippon Exis International Co., the wholly-owned Taiwan unit of Central Nippon Exis Co., the toll road builder’s service area operation subsidiary, will run commercial facilities on the 1,500-square meter third floor of a 5,651-sq.-meter three-story service area building in Taichung City. The Japanese group aims to generate 500 million yen ($4.6 million) in revenue a year.

The commercial facilities, including five Japanese restaurants and a souvenir shop, are undergoing renovation for openings on Jan. 18. Since beginning operation in 2003, the service area has topped other rest areas in Taiwan in terms of revenue and the number of visitors.

The move is a response to a request from Central Nippon Exis International’s local partner Hsin Tung Yang Co., to prop up the operation of the service area after a visit by the Taiwanese authorities to Japan, a spokesman at Central Nippon Expressway said on Wednesday.

In October, the Nagoya-headquartered expressway operator set up its first overseas unit in the Philippines amid massive infrastructure developments initiated by the county’s government. Nexco Central Philippines Inc. offers consulting services on parking, road maintenance, and disaster prevention in the country.