GS Caltex partners with LG to use gas stations for mobility service

23, Jan. 2019

SEOUL , AJU - GS Caltex, a major domestic refiner in South Korea, joined hands with LG Electronics to turn a vast network of gas stations into an integrated energy-mobility base capable of providing extra services such as electric car charging and maintenance.

Under a memorandum of understanding signed on Tuesday, the first integrated service will be provided at a gas station in Seoul in the second half of this year, GS Caltex said, vowing to gradually expand its service to major cities. LG will install a 350 kW fast multi-charger.

Gradually, the two companies will offer various services including robot and wireless charging as well as artificial intelligence digital signage for maintenance. The oil company would use gas stations to establish smart mobility bases which would provide charging, maintenance and parking infrastructure for electric and autonomous vehicles.

GS Caltex has made strategic investments in startups, including Green Car, a car-sharing company, and Owin, a Bluetooth-based device which provides connected car features to car models.