Japan's Santen to help Singapore foster eye-care professionals

01, Oct. 2021

Image by Paul Diaconu from Pixabay
Image by Paul Diaconu from Pixabay

SINGAPORE, NNA - Japan's Santen Pharmaceutical Co. has forged a strategic partnership with Singapore National Eye Centre to jointly develop an enhanced educational program aimed at addressing the shortage of trained ophthalmic professionals and supporting the growth of eye-care services in the city-state and the rest of Asia.

Under the partnership announced Thursday, Santen and the center will deploy a combined online and offline platform they are to develop for the education of ophthalmic technicians, starting in Singapore.

With skilled eye-care professionals in short supply worldwide, the partners will seek to promote task-shifting, where some specific duties are moved from doctors to health workers.

By allowing ophthalmologists to transfer some tasks to skilled technicians, it is expected hospital productivity will improve and the number of future eye-care professionals through the planned educational program will increase, according to the announcement. (NNA/Kyodo)