Toshiba, SpeQtral promote quantum-secure systems in S.E. Asia

02, Sep. 2021

Quantum Key Distribution(Photo courtesy of Toshiba Corp.)
Quantum Key Distribution(Photo courtesy of Toshiba Corp.)

SINGAPORE, NNA - Japan's Toshiba Digital Solutions Corp. is partnering with Singaporean start-up SpeQtral Pte. Ltd. to promote reliable and ultra-secure quantum cryptography solutions to government agencies and companies in Southeast Asia.

Toshiba Digital, an information and communication technology arm of Japanese industrial conglomerate Toshiba Corp., and SpeQtral announced an agreement on their collaboration in the Southeast Asian market on Tuesday.

Toshiba Digital has been engaged in research and development of cyber-physical-system technology for more than 20 years and succeeded in developing "Quantum Key Distribution" technology.

Toshiba Digital, of Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, has been actively marketing QKD systems at home and abroad since the business year 2020.

SpeQtral was established in 2017 as an offshoot of the Centre for Quantum Technologies hosted by the National University of Singapore and provides specialized quantum security solutions to clients.

Toshiba Digital and SpeQtral said they will work together to encourage government agencies and firms in the city-state to adopt QKD systems to secure their communications through workshops and webinars.

The two partners will also collaborate to chart market strategies in other Southeast Asian countries and assist potential clients there in adopting QKD systems. (NNA/ Kyodo)