Hokkaido-based HR agency Regions opens 1st overseas unit in Taiwan to help land jobs

16, Dec. 2019

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels
Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels
TAIPEI, NNA – Hokkaido-based staffing agency Regions Co. has opened its first overseas unit in Taiwan to help Taiwanese land jobs in one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations which is facing a labor shortage.

The company has helped 15 Taiwanese people find jobs in the northernmost island prefecture since 2017, aiming to attract personnel proficient in Chinese, English and Japanese, a spokeswoman told NNA on Friday.

Those job seekers from Taiwan, mainly in their late 20s, have got jobs in various firms such as hotels, retailers, furniture and food manufacturers in Hokkaido through the agent, Yukio Takaoka, CEO of Regions, told NNA in a phone interview on Monday.

The agency, headquartered in the prefectural capital of Sapporo, established Regions Co. Taiwan Branch (Japan) in Taipei after obtaining regulatory approval from both Taiwan and Hokkaido authorities by earlier this month, it said in a statement Thursday.

The local branch will hold a regular job-hunting seminar in Taiwan from January, according to a statement. It aims to achieve at least 10 job placements a year, the CEO said.

Japan saw over 4.75 million visitors from Taiwan in 2018, up 4.2 percent from the previous year, according to the Japan National Tourism Organization. The northern island is one of the most attractive places for Taiwanese along with Tokyo and its adjacent Chiba, Osaka and Kyoto, the statement said.

Also, Japan is the most popular foreign country for Taiwan male college students seeking jobs, while the average monthly salary in Japan is twice that in Taiwan, which stands at around 30,000 New Taiwan dollars ($993) and has been stagnating for a long time, according to the statement.

They can also benefit from low housing rents in Hokkaido, Takaoka added.

The Japanese firm is also trying to support local companies wishing to enter the Taiwanese market, it said.

An office of Regions Co. Taiwan Branch (Japan)  (Photo courtesy of Regions)
An office of Regions Co. Taiwan Branch (Japan) (Photo courtesy of Regions)