Taiwan's livestream platform 17LIVE launches in Malaysia, to expand in SE Asia

18, Aug. 2021

17LIVE influencer Elene Chong sharing views on a pizza gifted to her with her audience. (Photo:17LIVE)
17LIVE influencer Elene Chong sharing views on a pizza gifted to her with her audience. (Photo:17LIVE)

By Charlotte Chong

KUALA LUMPUR, NNA- The livestream platform by Taiwan's 17LIVE Inc. has been launched in Malaysia, kicking off its expansion in Southeast Asia after gaining popularity in its home base and neighboring Japan.

Apart from livestream shopping, which connects buyers and sellers in real-time, 17LIVE offers a diverse array of content, such as interactive games, music, and art sharing.

The platform also produces customized forms of entertainment, often featuring celebrities and chatty influencers interacting with users via messages, gifts, and shout-outs.

Founded in Taiwan by Jeffery Huang six years ago, 17LIVE Inc. has garnered more than 45 million users worldwide. It operates from six locations including the United States and India.

Live streaming for entertainment, gaming and shopping has exploded in popularity across Asia in recent years. Livestream e-commerce is especially popular in China, supported by a huge market.

In the new 'normal' of the pandemic, live streaming "has become an essential way for people to connect with each other," Alex Lien, CEO of 17LIVE for Taiwan and Southeast Asia, said in a press release on August 16.

Livestream platforms like 17LIVE also enable businesses and brands to be more agile in enhancing their market presence by interacting with an online audience, said Lien.

"Through our 17LIVE platform, we hope to build connections and interactions amongst the Malaysian community in real time to create a new form of entertainment platform that connects our talent and the audience," said Lien, adding that the platform will launch in other markets in the region soon.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with prolonged lockdowns in Asia has disrupted people's livelihoods with many feeling disconnected from friends and family.

So, people are turning to online methods such as live streaming to earn an income and connect with others.

The platform introduced a new feature during the pandemic to allow multiple people or up to nine to interact simultaneously.

Some Malaysians have signed up to be 'livers' with the platform to make some money.

One of them is 'Elene Chong', who was forced to suspend studies in Australia and return to Malaysia due to the pandemic. From being an introvert, she has gained confidence to build new friendships, said the platform.

Another new 'liver' is fashion-design graduate 'Sharron' who hopes to build a network of followers and create a stable stream of income.

A backend team monitors the entire platform round-the-clock. It also utilizes AI-monitoring and machine-learning technologies to prevent any illegal or inappropriate behavior.