Toyota begins new fixed-rate car rental service in Australia

03, Jun. 2021

(Photo courtesy of Toyota Australia)
(Photo courtesy of Toyota Australia)

SYDNEY, NNA - Japan's Toyota Motor Corp. has launched a new car rental service in Australia, enabling motorists to use new Toyota vehicles for periods ranging from an hour to a year at fixed rates, with the whole process from booking to payment done through a smartphone app.

The "KINTO Rent" service, undertaken by local subsidiary Toyota Australia, is initially available in parts of the southeastern state of Victoria, including Melbourne's Central Business district, before expanding to the rest of the country.

Ahead of the service, Toyota began the car-sharing service "KINTO Share" earlier this year. KINTO is derived from a Japanese word meaning a magical "flying nimbus" cloud.

KINTO Rent enables members to access vehicles from specified off-street locations and participating Toyota dealerships while KINTO Share provides convenient on-street sites with around-the-clock access.

KINTO operates completely from a smartphone app, including sign-up, booking, access and payment. Unlocking and locking of the vehicle in use is done via buttons from within the app.

Rates start at less than A$10 (US$7.7) an hour, with 30 cents added per kilometer. Full-day rates begin at A$63 and 27 cents are added per km. Weekly rates are available from A$294 plus 18 cents per km.

Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia's vice president for sales, marketing and franchise operations, said KINTO offers consumers greater freedom and flexibility whenever they need a vehicle.

"KINTO is the next best thing to owning your own car because it is simple and affordable to book and drive the latest Toyota vehicles, including our popular hybrid models," Hanley said. (NNA/Kyodo)