EVLOMO invests $50 million to set up 1,000 EV charging posts in Thailand

08, Mar. 2021

PTT Oil and Retail PCL. will collaborate with EVLOMO to install fast EV chargers at its EEC outlets such as the one depicted in the picture courtesy of PTT Oil and Retail PCL.
PTT Oil and Retail PCL. will collaborate with EVLOMO to install fast EV chargers at its EEC outlets such as the one depicted in the picture courtesy of PTT Oil and Retail PCL.

By Chalermlapvoraboon Valaiporn

BANGKOK, NNA - Florida-based eMobility company EVLOMO, Inc. is investing $50 million to install more than 1,000 electric vehicle chargers in cities and suburbs in Thailand over the next five years.

The move, which is set to help accelerate widespread adoption of electric vehicles, will be carried out by its local affiliate, EVLOMO Technologies Co. Ltd.

The DC fast chargers, with capacities ranging up to 350 kilowatts, will be compatible with all major EV models currently on the market. They will be easily accessible via an integrated platform solution on mobiles using IoT & AI technology.

In a media statement, EVLOMO also said it plans to provide AC wall box chargers for installation at home for EV drivers and work with logistics companies to establish EV charging stations at depots and hubs for rapid charging for commercial EVs.

For the building of infrastructure, EVLOMO has partnered with Australian company Tritium, which specializes in fast-charging posts, and EAST Group, a Chinese company dealing in smart energy.

EVLOMO is also collaborating with PTT Oil and Retail PCL (PTTOR) to install rapid chargers at their outlets in Eastern Economic Corridor, which stretches across three Thai provinces.

PTTOR, a retail unit of Thailand's biggest energy company PTT PCL, operates more than 2,290 gas-stations, 3,440 coffee shops under its Cafe Amazon brand and 2,040 convenience stores in the kingdom. EVLOMO will launch its first collaboration site in March while mass rollout will begin from May.

It noted that the Thai government is promoting EV adoption across the country while the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) has offered incentives to support EV production and supply chain.

EVLOMO's investment will "support the buildup of a nationwide network of home, community and highway chargers that is convenient and reliable," its statement added.

Nicole Wu, CEO, EVLOMO, said, "EVLOMO will raise the bar when it comes to the high-speed charging experience needed to expedite EV revolution in Thailand. We are confident that increased charger availability and reduced charging times will help EVLOMO, and the industry as a whole, deliver the future-proof charging experience that customers need."

Its investment has laid another milestone to the country’s development as an EV manufacturing hub in Southeast Asia. The Thai government aims to have 1.2 million EV cars on the road by 2036.

So far, 191,957 hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles have been registered, according to the Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand (EVAT). Among the leading companies that have launched EV models in the country are Nissan Motor Thailand, MG Sales Thailand and Great Wall Motors.

Within the next two years, it is estimated that Thailand will be able to produce 260,000 EV batteries to support the market, according to estimates by Kasikorn Research Center. Energy Absolute PCL invested last year to launch its own battery production while Mercedes plant in Thailand had already started battery production in 2019.

According to EVAT, there are 1,974 chargers installed throughout Thailand today. More than 700 units are fast chargers. Private charging posts have been set up by Energy Absolute, Nissan Motor Thailand, BMW Thailand and Mercedes Benz Thailand.