Oji group to build new corrugated container plant in Malaysia

12, Feb. 2021

Image by _Alicja_ from Pixabay
Image by _Alicja_ from Pixabay

KUALA LUMPUR, NNA - Major Japanese paper manufacturer Oji Holdings Corp. has announced a plan to construct its 10th corrugated container plant in Malaysia.

Oji said Tuesday its wholly owned local subsidiary, GS Paperboard & Packaging Sdn. Bhd., will build the new plant in the western coastal state of Selangor at a total investment cost of about 5 billion yen ($47.7 million).

The plant will begin operations in June 2022. It will boost Oji's corrugated container production capacity by about 15 percent in Malaysia, where the company has a market share of around 30 percent.

Oji has been expanding its corrugated container business in Southeast Asia with a total of 20 manufacturing plants under operation in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Its first production plant in Indonesia is scheduled to become operational later this month. New production lines are expected to open next year at facilities under construction in Vietnam and Johor province in Malaysia, according to Oji. (NNA/Kyodo)