NEC to design systems for integrated transport fare collection in Dhaka

10, Feb. 2021

Photo by Arif Syuhada from Pexels
Photo by Arif Syuhada from Pexels

NEW DELHI, NNA - NEC Corp. will design clearinghouse systems to help integrate transport fare collection systems in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka, the Japanese information and technology company said.

NEC received an order from Katahira and Engineers International, or KEI, to design the systems under a technical cooperation project of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, or JICA, the company said in a press release last Friday.

The establishment of the clearinghouse systems to integrate the transport fare collections systems in phase 2 of the JICA project, has been awarded to KEI and the Japan Development Institute, two Tokyo-based bodies.

Phase 2 of the yen loan project is intended to make life more convenient for passengers by enabling the use of common IC cards for transportation systems in Dhaka, including the Mass Rapid Transit system currently under construction.

A clearinghouse system distributes collected fares among transportation systems in proportion to the usage records of passengers. To allow passengers to use a common IC card for public transportation systems run by multiple operators, the transportation systems need to be connected to a clearinghouse system.

In 2014, NEC and KEI received a joint order for phase 1 of the project for clearinghouse systems that allow public bus systems in Dhaka to be used with a common IC card. (NNA/Kyodo)