Suzuki restructures motorcycle sales operation in Thailand

01, Dec. 2020

Photo by Justin Bernatek on Unsplash
Photo by Justin Bernatek on Unsplash

BANGKOK, NNA - Suzuki Motor Corp. is restructuring its motorcycle sales operations in Thailand beginning this month by setting up a new distributor.

The new entity, Suzuki Motosales Corporation (Thailand) Co., inherits the sales arm of Thai Suzuki Motor Co., a local subsidiary that manufactures and sells Suzuki motorcycles, the Japanese auto and motorcycle maker said in a statement Friday.

Suzuki said Thai Suzuki Motor will shift its focus to motorcycle production and exports. Thai Suzuki Motor has been in charge of sales in the country's northern region while local sales distributor Ban Suzuki has been responsible for the southern region.

Thai Suzuki Motor and Ban Suzuki have established the new sales distributor Suzuki Motosales to boost sales in the Southeast Asian country, Suzuki said. (NNA/Kyodo)