Japan's Ishikawa Pref. opens shop in Singapore to test local sales

02, Oct. 2020

"Flavours of Ishikawa," a shop opened by Ishikawa Prefecture in Singapore to test sales of its products to local consumers, is pictured on Oct. 1, 2020. (Photo courtesy of Ishikawa prefectural government)

SINGAPORE, NNA - The government of Ishikawa Prefecture in central Japan opened a temporary shop in Singapore on Thursday to test how its products sell to local consumers.

Named "Flavours of Ishikawa," the shop is located in the second basement level of the Takashimaya Shopping Centre on Orchard Road and features a booth selling gold leaf -- the prefecture accounts for about 99 percent of Japan's total output -- and related accessories, according to an announcement by the prefecture on Friday.

Also on sale are processed food, "amazake" sweet, fermented rice milk, and traditional craftwork refurbished in a modern manner.

The shop will be open for four months through Feb. 10 next year, a month longer than a similar shop that opened temporarily in Singapore last year.

In a related move, Ishikawa has launched online sales of its products through Singapore's e-commerce operator Lazada Group. (NNA/Kyodo)