Sales of Sharp's air purifiers grow fivefold in Indonesia on COVID-19

23, Sep. 2020

Supplied photo shows Sharp Corp.'s air purifiers using the
Supplied photo shows Sharp Corp.'s air purifiers using the "plasmacluster" technology and other products. (Photo courtesy of PT. Sharp Electronics Indonesia)

JAKARTA, NNA - Sales of air purifiers using a unique technology have grown about fivefold in Indonesia as consumers fear COVID-19 infection, Sharp Corp.'s local subsidiary said.

Nearly 10,000 air purifiers equipped with Sharp's "plasmacluster" technology are currently being sold every month, compared with some 2,000 to 3,000 units prior to the pandemic, Andri Adi Utomo, senior general manager for national sales at PT. Sharp Electronics Indonesia, told the company's online seminar Tuesday.

It had previously been a little difficult to sell products using such invisible technology as plasmacluster, he said.

Sharp uses the plasmacluster technology -- which it says generates positive hydrogen ions and negative oxygen ions and deactivates some types of viruses -- not only in air purifiers but other electric appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators.

It sells the products at about 1,600 shops in Indonesia and some 1.5 million units have been sold in total since 2000, according to the company.

Sharp said a joint study with Japan's Nagasaki University and Shimane University has found plasmacluster technology reduces novel coronavirus in the air, albeit under certain limited conditions. It plans to conduct further tests under conditions closer to reality. (NNA/Kyodo)