Clock running out on GSOMIA

20, Nov. 2019

The future of S. Korea-U.S.-Japan relations ahead of the expiration of GSOMIA.

The clock is running out on the GSOMIA intel-sharing pact between South Korea and Japan.

On August 22, the Seoul government announced that it would not be renewing the agreement, which is due to expire at the stroke of midnight on November 23.

Seoul's decision was in response to Japan's removal of South Korea from its whitelist of favored trading partners on August 2, citing a breach of trust and national security concerns, with the two sides since having failed to narrow their differences.

The U.S. has recently dialed up the pressure on South Korea to renew the agreement, with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, and other officials from the Pentagon visiting South Korea to persuade the Seoul government to reconsider its decision.

In this week's edition of 'Foreign Correspondents', we sit down with our panel of journalists to talk more about the impending termination of GSOMIA and its implications on regional security.

PanelistsFrank Smith / Radio Television Hong KongSakabe Tetsuo / NNAOliver Hotham / NK News