Popular cosmetics portal site @cosme launches multilingual apps in HK, Malaysia

12, Nov. 2019

(Image courtesy of istyle Inc.)
(Image courtesy of istyle Inc.)

KUALA LUMPUR, NNA – The operator of Japan’s popular beauty and cosmetic products portal site @cosme has launched multilingual apps in Hong Kong and Malaysia to garner more viewers and shoppers outside Japan.

The cosmetics retailer, istyle Inc., said in a statement Friday the apps of English and traditional-Chinese versions became available in Malaysia and Hong Kong, respectively, in addition to a Japanese version at home, as it operates an e-commerce site in Malaysia and brick-and-mortar shops in Hong Kong, a spokesman told NNA Monday.

The portal site operator runs real shops in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand as well as Japanese and cross-border e-commerce sites with a vast amount of word-of-mouth reviews on cosmetics, beauty information, and related news.

The portal site boasts over 13 million users monthly, it said in the latest financial statement released in August.

The app for the global market enables customers outside Japan to read reviews on products sold in Japan posted by Japanese consumers. Additionally, customers can view reviews on local products by local users written in English in Malaysia or Chinese in Hong Kong.

The company plans to launch such apps in Taiwan and Thailand in the future, as it runs real shops in these markets. The app in the Southeast Asian country will use the Thai language, Shoji Yamamoto, general manager of Corporate Communication Department, told NNA in an email Monday.

He declined at this time to comment on a target number of the global apps’ downloads.

Currently, the number of shops operated by the Tokyo-listed firm stands at five in Hong Kong, four in Taiwan, and two in Thailand besides 23 in Japan, Yamamoto said.

The firm has continued to boost annual sales since its establishment in 1999 on the back of growing popularity based on reviews and comments from users of its portal, Japan's largest consumer-to-consumer cosmetics information source.