Cambodia’s Phnom Penh braces for power shortage

12, Nov. 2019

PHNOM PENH, VNA - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has urged residents and businesses in Phnom Penh to be prepared for electricity shortages which could occur in this year’s dry season if water levels at hydropower dams run low.

Phnom Penh is expected to experience frequent power cuts during the dry season this year. Hotel owners have been advised to use their own generators in case of power failures.

Speaking at the official launch of the National Strategic Development Plan 2019-2023 in Phnom Penh on November 7, PM Hun Sen cited a report of the Ministry of Mines as saying the country’s hydropower production capacity of 1,378 megawatts a day had recently dropped to between 184 and 187 megawatts per day because of lower water levels.

Cambodia also has diesel and solar-powered alternatives to produce electricity.

Cambodia is buying 200 megawatts of electricity daily from Laos and is also purchasing two generators, capable of producing 200MW each, which will be installed at a diesel power station in Kandal province to address the power woes in Phnom Penh.

The country spent nearly 400 million USD to buy the generators from Germany and Finland.

Hun Sen urged the Minister of Mines and Energy to increase the number of workers at the site to speed up the installation which is expected to be completed in April or May 2020. - VNA