Japanese mobility data firm SmartDrive opens subsidiary in Malaysia

07, Jul. 2020


KUALA LUMPUR, NNA - SmartDrive Inc., a Tokyo-based firm specialized in mobility data for traffic management, has established a subsidiary in Malaysia to pursue an expansion of businesses in Southeast Asia.

The wholly owned subsidiary, SmartDrive Sdn. Bhd., operates in Selangor State with 1.515 million ringgit ($354,000) in capital. The half-year-old entity is the company’s first overseas subsidiary with full-fledged operations, the Japanese firm said in a statement on Monday.

SmartDrive plans to offer a service in Malaysia that lets a company track and monitor the locations of its fleet as well as vehicle travel times with an eye toward improved efficiency. Another service allows client companies to evaluate employee driving performance and reward the drivers accordingly.

SmartDrive aims to mass 300 Malaysian clients for these systems over the next three years. “Once we succeed in Malaysia, we would like to venture into other Southeast Asian countries,” SmartDrive spokesman Fumiyasu Sato told NNA on Monday.

The parent company was established in October 2013 and set up a base in Shenzhen, China in June 2018. SmartDrive opened offices in Malaysia and Thailand in November last year.