Taiwan e-commerce firm PChome launches service to get goods from Japan

02, Nov. 2019

TAIPEI, NNA – Taiwan’s largest electronic commerce operator PChome Online Inc. has launched a cross-border purchasing service that brings Japanese products to enthusiastic domestic consumers.

“Taiwanese consumers are admirers of Japanese commodities,” Kevin Tsai, PChome’s CEO and general manager, said in a statement on Wednesday. The new service will tap bring in Japanese foods, fashion goods and home appliances, Tsai said.

“It’s very convenient for consumers who don’t understand Japanese or are not able to go abroad often,” he said.

To get these goods to Taiwan, the Taipei-based e-commerce giant set up its subsidiary PChome Bibian Inc. in January. The subsidiary has capital of 180 million yen ($1.7 million) and procures products in Japan as well as the United States for consumers in Taiwan.

From October, consumers began placing orders directly on PChome Bibian to find items from the overseas e-commerce services Yahoo, Rakuten, Amazon and eBay.

Tokyo-based Bibian operates logistics and storage centers in Tokyo and New York. It has set up warehouses in those cities as well as Singapore and the U. S. state of California in order to ensure deliveries to Taiwan are made within four days.

PChome plans to extend its overseas procurement service to Britain in the third quarter of next year, a PChome official told NNA in an e-mail.

PChome called itself earlier this year the largest e-commerce business in Taiwan with more than $1.1 billion in 2018 sales.

In March it signed an agreement with Rakuten to give Taiwanese consumers access to Japanese e-commerce vendors. A month later PChome’s Rakuten e-commerce site agreed with eBay to co-list products sold by American vendors.