Bridgestone open 1st mega tire plant in Asia outside Japan

30, Oct. 2019

BANGKOK, NNA – Global tire manufacturing giant Bridgestone Corp. has opened its first plant to make radial tires for construction and mining vehicles in Asia, outside Japan, mainly for use in Asia-Pacific countries.

Bridgestone Specialty Tire Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., the Japanese firm’s subsidiary, intends to ship the tires to Australia and Indonesia, both rich in mining, a spokeswoman in Tokyo told NNA Monday.

The factory, located in the Amata City Industrial Estate in Rayong Province southeast of Bangkok, sits on an 870,000-square-meter plot of land. Its production capacity is 35 tons per day, the statement said. Tire rim diameters range from 35 to over 51 inches.

The Tokyo-based parent company said in a statement Friday it has operated factories for the same kinds of tire in Japan and the United States.

Bridgestone has invested a total of 50 billion yen ($459 million) in building the Thai plant as well as a factory of steel codes, part of the radial tires, the spokeswoman said. That amount fits with initial plans made in 2012, she said.