Mos Food hamburger chain to train over 350 Vietnamese to address labor crunch in Japan

17, Oct. 2019

HANOI, NNA - Japanese hamburger chain operator Mos Food Services Inc. will hire more than 350 Vietnamese employees over four years starting in 2020 through a training program aimed at helping them obtain Japanese incentive visas for skilled foreign workers.

The program is taking advantage of a Japanese law enforced in April this year to provide foreigners, who have so-called “specified skills,” with a five-year visa as a measure to help alleviate the worsening labor shortage in Japan.

Mos Food and Vietnam’s national Danang Vocational Tourism College are jointly launching the curriculum, named the “Mos Food Business College (MFC),” this month at the school to help trainees acquire skills required for foreign workers in the restaurant industry category, the hamburger chain said in a press release on Tuesday.

Mos Food, which operates Mos Burger stores in Japan and eight other countries and areas, has yet to have an outlet in Vietnam. A Mos Food spokeswoman told NNA, “There is a possibility that we will open the restaurant business (in Vietnam) in the future. But we have no specific plans at present.”

The MFC curriculum is a course combining Japanese language lessons and training sessions on skills required for foreign workers in Japan’s restaurant industry, as well as knowledge unique to Mos Food Services, the statement said. After finishing the course, if the trainees pass skill tests in Vietnam, they will be hired by the Japanese dining chain operator to work at Mos Burger stores or the group’s other restaurants in Japan.

The skill tests have been conducted only in Japan, but the Philippines will become the first country in November to hold the tests outside Japan.Vietnam is preparing to hold the tests in the future.

In the program’s initial year, which ends in March 2020, 50 trainees are participating in the course and, if they pass the tests, they will be recruited to Japan in the summer of 2020. In the following years, 100 trainees will be enrolled every year to take the course, basically programmed to last 12 months. After their special work visas expire in five years in Japan, they will be given job opportunities to work at Mos Burger outlets throughout Asia after returning home, the statement said.

There were 378 Mos Burger outlets abroad at the end of September: 266 in Taiwan, 39 in Singapore, 26 in Hong Kong, 15 in South Korea, 14 in mainland China, 8 in Thailand, 6 in Australia, and 4 in Indonesia. Vietnam has no outlet yet, although it has been a base for processing shrimp for use in Mos Burger products.