Toilet maker Toto's Beijing arm halts production due to estate development

11, Oct. 2019

TOKYO, NNA - Japan’s leading toilet maker, Toto Ltd., discontinued production at its sanitary ware plant in Beijing at the end of September to make way for residential development in the Chinese capital.

The plant, operated by Toto’s local subsidiary Beijing Toto Co., has ceased production as it is located in a neighborhood that is being rebuilt into a residential area under Beijing’s 2018 urban redevelopment plan, Toto said in a statement Wednesday. A Toto spokesman in Tokyo said the company had yet to decide on what to do with the operating subsidiary.

The plant was built in 1994 as the Toto group’s first base in China to produce sanitary ware, including toilets and sinks. Toto has seven other sanitary ware production bases in Asia, including three in mainland China and one in Taiwan, as well as one each in Vietnam, Thailand and India.

“We have examined ways to optimize our global supply system” including the existing plants in Asia, the statement said. “We have confirmed that we can fully secure stable supply of sanitary ware for China’s robust market,” it added.

Beijing Toto has been owned by another Toto Chinese subsidiary, Toto (China) Co., Japanese trading house Mitsui & Co., and Chinese building materials manufacturer and real estate developer BBMG Corp. Toto has a majority stake in Beijing Toto, the spokesman said.